ONKRON Brazo articulado TV 13¨-34¨ de hasta 10 kg con resorte de gas, negro G90-B

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Expensive, but the best monitor arm I have

Picked this up to mount a monitor to my workbench. Definitely the best arm I own!I have had a few monitor arms in the past. None of them are the gas strut type that adjust easily like this one. I mounted this to my workbench and it is great. It stays where I put it, but I can move it around very easily. I have a 27" Dell monitor on it and it doesn't even care.I highly recommend this for a situation where you need a monitor, but also need to get it out of the way quickly, easily, and often.

Great value monitor arm!

I am very satisfied with the quality of this monitor arm!I would not recommend doing so, but, I tested the arm with a 49" ultrawide monitor that was within the weight range listed but not the dimensional range and it did a great job with it. I had to increase the tension greatly, but, it securely holds it up and frees up so much room on the desk.That aside - it is a very nice arm for the price. Nicer than some older arms I paid more for. I would definitely recommend it for your monitor as well! (But again - I am not recommending you use it for a size larger than recommended for yourself!)

Amazon Customer, Edna Kelly
Good solid mount for large monitor

This is a nice, heavy mount that can be clamped to your desk or you can drill a hole in the desk and mount more permanently. I am using the clamp mount and so far, it is great. Much easier than drilling.I like that I can turn the monitor just about every which way. Up, down, landscape, portrait, tilted... it makes all the moves super easy. Plus, it clears up more space on my desk.

very sturdy, and highly adjustable, but at the cost of bulk and takes up a lot of space

This mount probably won't fit in tighter spots, it requires more of an open desk setup. Mount is kind of bulky but the trade off is that it's very robust and sturdy. Very versatile mounting options and the adjustability is excellent.

Marshall J. AaltoMarshall J. Aalto
Pretty darn good with a couple of minor caveats

This mount does exactly what I wanted -- places my Samsung 22" (diagonal) TV between my two 27" iMac's in my messy work area. The monitor arm is very well built and beefy and securely clamps to the edge of my desk with rubber inserts that protect the desk top and prevent slippage. The arm has 3 horizontal rotation points. One at the desk clamp base. Another midway up the arm. And the third at the top. These all work nicely. The lower two can be secured with set screws so that neither move. (If the set screws are slightly loosened from tight, rotation is possible while preventing inadvertent removal of the lower arm from the desk clamp or the upper arm from the top of the lower arm.)The upper part of the arm can be moved up and down. I haven't tried this, but expect that it will work just fine. I don't need to rotate the TV between landscape and portrait modes and am happy about that because it takes an undue amount of force to do this. The 75 x 75 mounting holes on my TV are near the top of the TV as opposed to being centered. This makes it more bottom heavy that a center mount. No matter where your mounting holes are located, your monitor or TV will likely tilt down unless you tighten the screw at that rotation point. This may not be convenient if you frequently readjust the position of your device and have to reach over your device to loosen and retighten this screw.I chose not to route my power, old component style video and audio cables through the arm itself -- there might not have been enough room for them.Overall, I'm very happy with this monitor arm.


Acerca de ONKRON G90 Negro

height adjustable columns
75x75 - 100x100
height adjustable columns
Carga máxima
10 kg
height adjustable columns
Acero laminado en frío
height adjustable columns
13" - 34"

Soporte para monitor de ordenador con elevacion es un accesorio imprescindible para tele trabajo y equipamiento de oficinas.

ONKRON TS1551 in interior


height adjustable columns

Soporte para monitor de la serie premial para los amantes de diseño atractivo y estilo high tech. G90-B de la línea renovada de los soportes con resorte de gas de ONKRON fue elaborada con nervaduras reforzadas y los inserciones elasticos patentados que protegen las superficie del monitor y proporcionan amortiguación durante el movimiento. Sujeta perfectamente los monitores curvados(con el radio de curvatura 1500 mm o mas)

height adjustable columns

El brazo cuenta con elegante carcasa de aluminio con canal de cable de plastico resistente. El diseño versatil facilita el montaje y el mantenimiento del mecanismo de elevación. El nuevo modelo sostiene los monitores de hasta 10 kg que permite montar las pantallas táctiles con equipo electronico adicional.

height adjustable columns

El resorte de gas integrado en el pivote del brazo brinda el desplazamiento suave y silencioso hacía arriba o abajo, hacia delante o atras. La opcion de rotación a 180 de modo apaisado o retrato es un beneficio adicional para los diseñadores o los que trabajan con las tablas de excel muy largas.

height adjustable columns

Soporta una inclinación ascendente de -90 ° a + 45 °, giro izquierdo-derecho de 180 °. El monitor ascendente tiene un mecanismo de ajuste de altura simple para mover la pantalla hacia arriba y hacia abajo a lo largo del polo; puede extenderse hasta 55 cm. El canal de cable robusto con amplias aberturas para HDMI cableado de alta calidad garantiza un aspecto limpio; la capacidad de giro a 360 °, se obtiene una mayor libertad de funcionamiento del monitor.

Vidéo G90

Orificios de montaje VESA : 

VESA measurment

La interfaz VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) es la distancia vertical y horizontal entre los cuatro orificios de montaje de la parte trasera de una pantalla de TV o del monitor del ordenador. En nuestro ejemplo, las medidas VESA son 100 (altura) x 100 (longitud), es decir que la TV con estas medidas es compatible con el soporte apto para VESA 100x100.

Si no hay agujeros de montaje en la parte lateral de su pantalla, también se puede usar un adaptador no VESA de tipo pinza.

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